Movement Law Lab is committed to building power in black and brown communities by incubating legal projects that combine law and community organizing to protect, defend, and embolden racial justice movements.  Our goal is  to help lawyers with brilliant ideas about how law can better create social change get their new ventures off the ground and grow to scale. 

  • We accelerate and incubate legal innovations that democratize law and build the power of marginalized people. 
  • We incubate movement lawyering start-ups and provide them with the financial, technical, and strategic support they need to launch and grow.
  • We provide innovation residencies for lawyers to scale, replicate or expand successful movement lawyering projects.
  • We provide consulting services to legal organizations seeking to transition their approach towards movement lawyering.
  • We host a global network of movement lawyers to share skills, exchange lessons, and jointly tackle pressing challenges.

Our goal is to launch, build, and steward a new generation of dynamic, collaborative and versatile legal organizations with the know-how and expertise to use law to to transform our world.