Movement Law Lab is committed to building power in black and brown communities by incubating legal projects that combine law and community organizing to protect, defend, and embolden racial justice movements. To that end, we offer an eight-month fellowship for legal innovators seeking to accelerate the impact, scale, reach, and depth of movement lawyering in black and brown communities. Innovators may apply to develop an early-stage idea or to accelerate the scale/impact of an existing project with a proven track-record. Each year. the fellowship will provide 10-15 visionary legal innovators with financial support, training, mentorship, and other resources to turn their ideas into reality. Most importantly, Fellows will have the opportunity to grow their projects while being in a positive, supportive, learning community with other legal innovators.


This fellowship provides a wide range of support to help Innovators turn their ideas into reality. The fellowship is designed to address the unique challenges of being an innovator and a movement lawyer. Our goal is to invest in your ideas and in you.

Seed-Funding: Participants will receive up to $10,000 in financial support to advance their innovations in movement lawyering.

Coaching: Participants will be paired with visionary mentors who can provide individualized coaching and support over the course of the fellowship.

Learning Labs: Innovators will participate in monthly learning labs designed to create dedicated time for Fellows to make progress on their projects. Lab topics will include: deepening vision/purpose; prototyping/design sessions; skills-building workshops (i.e. leading with creativity, strategic communications for movement lawyers, pitch practice); and strategy discussions.

Brain Trusts: Each project will go through a “Brain Trust” or a collective problem-solving space where Fellows will help each other brainstorm solutions in real-time to sticky challenges in their respective projects.

Innovation Showcase: At the culmination of the Fellowship, innovators will have the opportunity to present their project to funders and the broader community. .

*We are no longer accepting applications for 2018 Legal Innovators Fellowship. Please meet our inaugural 2018 cohort of fellows here and stay tuned for information about our 2019 Fellows program.